Late summer Chickpea Salad

There are some moments where the stars just get aligned and other times that things become a disaster whatever you try to do. 

For instance some friends came over unexpectedly and invited them for dinner not knowing for sure if I had something to give them to eat. 

But I try to be smart about preparing and storing food and I can basically make a complete meal out of things I have in the pantry and the freezer. Of course if the only thing you have in the kitchen is half a lemon in the fridge then you really are in trouble but not talking about that case now. 

One of the things I always try to have in the freezer is boiled pulses in portions in zip-lock bags. All my pulses I get from a company called Dikotylon from the Feneos Plateau. I have met the people that grow them, love them all to bits and just trust their products and know that they are indeed very tasty. So, to get back to our story I had some chickpeas in the freezer and decided to make a salad using them along with a few more things I had in the fridge. Among them was a cheese from the island of Chios called Mastelo made from cow milk that it is just incredible if you bake it or shallow fry it.

So with that and a few other ingredients it became a really wonderful salad that I thought about writing it down for you.

Not really measured ingredients, it is mostly an eye-balling recipe but I believe that you will get the gist of it...  



Diffuculty: 1 of 3
Duration:20 minutes
Serves:4 as a starter


400g of boiled and drained chickpeas

1 or more red peppers cut up in small dice

some cherry tomatoes cut in 2 or 4 

grapes if you have or any other fruit. (I used fresh grapes from which raisins are made).

Onion cut in small dice

olive oil and lemon juice or vinegar for a dressing

salt, pepper and maybe some herbs

I had some wonderful Mastelo cheese so I used some of that.



Things are simple.

Prepare the veggies and add them in a bowl with the chickpeas.

Add the fruit and mix them in.

Prepare the dressing using a beautiful Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Mix it in the salad, taste, add more of what is lacking, leave it for a few hours for all the tastes to blend in (do not be afraid to add the dressing early as there are no leafy greens in the salad that will be damaged by the dressing. 

Last minute shallow fry the cheese and serve the salad... 



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