At times like these, when I am trying to describe a dish that you can probably only can find in Greece, I am at a loss for words.

The references are not there and so I do not really know how to explain a lot about it. But I will do my best.

So... you know the humble courgette.  It is a vegetable that grows sort of on a vine with quite large leaves and beautiful yellow flowers. The flowers you can stuff and I have seen such a dish all around the med. basin and also in parts of Asia and America.

Now... In Greece they trim this plant. The trim the excess vines so that the plant will focus more on creating fruit than growth. Same as they do with the grapes vine. Instead of throwing away these trimmings in Greece, because food was always scarce, they turned them into food.

So they sauted them in olive oil with onion, potatoes, tomatoes etc and then boiled them with their own juices and served them as a summer dish. 

My mother never used to make it. But at the farmer' s market the other day I found some, bought them, and decided to give them a try. 

I was soooo glad I did. One of the tastiest summer Greek foods came out. The flavor is soooo subtle and nice that it is sooooo worth trying it if you find a courgette vine or if you ever visit Greece. It is not a food that you will find in many restaurants though and that is a huge shame... And this is the difference between the food in Greece and Italy.. The Italians would have turned this into a phenomenon like they have turned Ribolita. 

Anyway... so let's see what we will need


Diffuculty: 2 of 3
Duration:2 hours
Serves:6-8 people


1 to 1,5 kilos of trimmings from the tips of the courgette plant

200g of EVOO and more to serve

1 big white onion finally cut

2 carrots trimmed and cut in thick pieces

2-3 medium sized potatoes skin removed and cut into 6-8 pieces

3-4 courgette 

3-4 medium sized fleshy and ripe tomatoes diced

1/2 a bunch of fennel fronts finely chopped

4-5 leaves of mint finely chopped

some courgette flowers (optional)

some purslane (optional)

some string beans (optional) 

salt and pepper

some cheese if you like but not feta




Trim the trimmings if they have have sinew.. but better just leave the tender fronts. 

In a wide pot we add the 200g of olive oil and the onion. 

We saute it in medium heat. 

Add carrots and potatoes and continue cooking for another 8-10 minutes. Lower the heat if you want. Onion must not change colour. 

Add the courgette, tomatoes, half the fennel, salt and pepper and what ever we have from the rest of the ingredients..

Saute a few more minutes, lower the heat, cover the pot and let it simmer for 40 minutes. 

Taste and see if the food needs any more salt and pepper.

Serve the food lukewarm with some cheese.. 


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