Wild Garlic Fritters

Really love picking things from the ground and incorporate them in my cooking.

Foraging is super important for me and in Greece it was soooooo important and whole generations of people rellied on it for food over the past thousants of years.

Unfortunatelly this practice is starting to loose its footing as you can find almost anything in the super market now and you do not have to invent something to eat every day and also people seem to be getting more and more disconnected from the earth. Guess we all want to go to Mars in the end.. 

Anyway... over the few years I have had this website I have uploaded some recipes wih things I have foraged in my travels as well as from the neck of woods where I live... so if you want try and look around my website for some of them. I think you are going to like them.

For me all this is quite connected as it brings me intouch with the earth, the seasons and makes me anxious for what is next to come and always trying to find new ways to use them... 

A couple of days ago I was walking the dog and saw some wild garlic plants that were in bloom. They are not like the ones that grow in USA... different species here.. 

So I gathered some and decided to turn them into fritters. 

The dough was very simple with some spelt flour, water, salt pepper and a few herbs.. 

I accompanied the fritters with some soft goat cheese from the island of Chios... 

Great combination... tasty and filling! Let;s see what we will need.



Diffuculty: 1 of 3
Duration:20 minutes and 10 minutes cooking
Serves:4 as a starter


200g of flour... I used spelt but you can use what you like.. 

250-300g of water depending on the flour

a bunch of wild garlick flowers and tender stalks and leaves chopped at 1 cm

salt and pepper

fresh aromatics like parsley, dill chopped 

oil for frying

fresh goat cheese of even some Greek thick yoghurt to serve





Put the flour in a bowl. 

Add water slowly mixing all the time till you get a batter like for pancakes or a bit thicker.

Add salt and pepper to taste, the chopped Greens and mix it all up.

Put oil in a pan and shallow fry the fritters till golden brown on both sides (3-4 minutes each)

Remove from the pan, drain on kitchen paper

Serve warm with the cheese


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