Meatballs with Two Sauces

When we were young, we usually went swimming at a place called Skala Oropou, opposite Euboeia to the north west of Athens.

We waited until my Dad came home from work around 4pm and we all bundled into the car (A green VW Beetle, which we had because my father was a Panathinaikos supporter) and the five of us would end up at the little beach about an hour later. 

Apart from my parents and my brother, we took my grandfather Abraham, an unbelievable person about whom I will talk more about some other time.

As we spent many hours at a beach that was quite far from taverns and places to get food, my good mother would prepare and take whatever was necessary to have a meal after our swim.

Of course one of her classic dishes was her meatballs. So now I always connect meatballs with summer, the sun, saltiness and almost always eat them cold or at room temperature.

So if I go in another season to a taverna, I would never order meatballs ever.

Naturally as I was growing up whenever we went for a swim with friends or later with “partners” I would prepare and take meatballs… sometimes it was a little embarrassing in more upmarket organised beaches opening the Tupperware..

Years later when I read the book “To Live, To Love and To Learn” by Leo Bouskalia, I read a story about how when they travelled as a family on an aeroplane to go somewhere, they always took their food in Tupperware for the journey. I was delighted to hear this :) but not as much as it would seem…

I don’t do it so much now as too much fried food isn’t good for you anyway.

They asked me at Neo Epsilon TV to make them so I thought let’s see how they turn out.

I didn’t have my mother’s recipe …I found one in the Tselemende Cookbook and some others online from trusted sites so combined them to make my own.

They turned out really well so here they are.

I don’t know if I will make them again however..but if I ask you for old times sake to go swimming together taking some Tupperware with cold meatballs and stuffed peppers would you be interested???


Diffuculty: 2 of 3
Duration:30 mins prep and cooking and one hour in the fridge


For the Meatballs:

2 Medium sized onions peeled and cut into 8 pieces

1/2 medium tomato

1 small glass of Apple cider vinegar

2 eggs

50gr Parsley

30gr fresh Mint

20gr Chervil

250gr Beef mince (minced one time)

250gr Pork mince (minced one time)

100gr Breadcrumbs


Freshly ground Black Pepper


For the Flouring:

100gr Plain flour

100gr Breadcrumbs

Olive oil for frying


For the Yoghurt Sauce:

200gr Yoghurt

10gr of Finely Chopped Parsley

5gr Mint

30gr Olive Oil


For the Pepper Sauce:

6 Peppers (cooked from the jar and drained)

1 tsp Tomato paste

2 tsp vinegar

1/2 tsp Salt

1 tsp Honey

Some crushed hot dried red peppers (Bhukovo)




For the Meatballs:

In a mini blender put the onions, the tomato and the vinegar and eggs.

Blend until it combines and becomes one. Put the herbs in and blend again until fully integrated.

Take the mixture out of the mini blender and put in a mixing bowl. Put in the mince meat, salt and pepper.

Knead the mixture well and at the end add the breadcrumbs and mix them in softly.

Leave the mixture in the fridge for one hour.

Take the mixture out of the fridge.

Wet your hands and start to form evenly round meatballs.

Flour them with the mixed flour and breadcrumbs.

Fry the meatballs in Olive oil which is at 180c.

Strain the meatballs on kitchen paper towel and leave to cool.

Serve with the two dips.


For the Pepper sauce:

Mix all the ingredients in the mi ni blender and serve in a small bowl.


For the Yoghurt sauce:

Mix all the ingredients with a spoon in a bowl and serve.

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