Chocolate Muffin

Autumn already and not feeling so well.

Not that I am going to miss summer. Especially this one. Difficult, hot and complicated. Very complicated... Anyway...

Autumn seems a bit "warmer" even though it did not start off nicely. Or I should stay it started off with closures and also new beginnings. The closures are still very tough.


"Hey Siri, how many days till Christmas?" 102 she replied. On Thursday we will be down to 99. Maybe I should start decorating for Christmas? Nah, will wait for November I think..

As about today's recipe I wanted to show something easy and quick but tastewise I wanted it to be complex and rather bitter for a dessert. Somehow to remind me the summer and beginning of Autumn.

So, I chose these muffin. Chocolatey but with 65% dark chocolate. Intense but a tad or more than a tad bitter. Dark and strong. 

If you are not the adventurous type use a tamer chocolate.. maybe a milk chocolate if you have kids. But also know that it is an acquired taste. Once you try black you never go back is the expression? :-) 


Oh! before I forget. Weather is still rather warm so what is the story with the dead leaves in the pictures? Well, we have those trees in the back yard that drop a lot of their leaves not in Autumn but in the beginning of the Summer..  SO, they are not Autumn like but I feel they worked.

Let's see what we will need for the recipe. 



Diffuculty: 1 of 3
Duration:20 minutes prep and 20 minutes baking
Serves:12 pieces.


200 g of Ful fat milk in room temperature

90 g of Olive oil

1 medium egg in room temperature

160 g of plain sugar

50 g cocoa powder

10 g baking powder

220 g all purpose flour

190 g dark 65% chocolate shopped in small pieces


Preheat oven at 160 celsius fan forced.

In a large bowl we add the milk, olive oil and egg and beat them with a whisk.

Add the sugar and continue whisking.

You can mix cocoa powder, baking and flour in a separate bowl and sieve them in the bowl with the milk mixture or you can just just mix them in directly. Tried it both ways..

The first way with the different bowl and sieving gives a tad more fluffy muffins but not soooo much.. so take your pick and follow your heart.

After mixing though you add the chocolate and mix it in as well with a spatula.

Transfer the mixture to 12 muffin tins that you have lined with paper and bake for 18 minutes.

Leave to cool down and serve..

You can freeze them for days...  


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