My, compared to other cooking websites you won't find very detailed methodology but these recipes do require a little thoughtfulness and common sense to be made. They are as simple as possible but they will not mention how to beat an egg to make meringues, or how long it takes to roast a chicken in the oven. All ovens are different, as are chickens..little more or less doesn't matter....Enjoy! 

He loves me-He loves me not Cake

Greek Orange Cake (portokalopita)

Strawberry and Lilac jam

Syrup from Poppy Petals

Red Easter Cookies

Greek Pasteli

Chocolate and Pumpkin Brownies

Fluffy Strawberry and Vanilla cake

Potato and Egg Salad with Apaki

Tart with Blue Grape Hyacinths

Filo Pastry Cigars with Asparagus, Sesame and Parmesan

Almond and Coconut Truffles

Lemon Confit

Almond Cake

No-Recipe Savory Tart

Lemongrass Panna cotta Tart

Blood Orange Tart

My Earl Grey Tea with Bergamot and Verbena

Blood orange and Verbena sorbet

Fake Ice Cream for Food Photography

Bergamot and Olive Oil Cake

Brown Butter Ginger cookies

Roasted Munchkin Pumpkins stuffed with Cous Cous topped with Roasted Quail

Chickpea soup

Winter Tray Bake with Handmade Greek Sausages from Trikala

Slimming Cheese Pie with Turkey

Candied Buddha's Hand

Sweet pumpkin pie

Vasilopita with Pine Sugar and Velvety Swiss Buttercream

Melomakarona (Traditional Christmas Greek cookies)