My, compared to other cooking websites you won't find very detailed methodology but these recipes do require a little thoughtfulness and common sense to be made. They are as simple as possible but they will not mention how to beat an egg to make meringues, or how long it takes to roast a chicken in the oven. All ovens are different, as are chickens..little more or less doesn't matter....Enjoy! 

Peach and Lime Jam

Bread and Butter Cucumber Pickles

How to make Kombucha at home

Two recipes with Pistachios and Cheese

Cherry Clafoutis

Tomato and Cherry Gazpacho

Apricot Vanilla Jam

Apricot Ice cream

Cherry / Sour cherry pie

Cherry-Rose Jam

Tart with Summer Fruit and Pistachio Marzipan

Beetroot Tarte-Tatin with Oximeli Caramel and Xinomizithra

Greek Sweetbread (tsoureki) with the Tangzhong method

Blueberries Sorbet

Jujube liqueur

Chocolate and Cherry Cake

Lemon Cake

Artichokes a la Barigoule

Steamed Artichokes in EVOO

Raw Artichoke salad with Preserved Lemon and Graviera from Crete

Blood Orange and Strawberry Jam

Vegan Tart with Beans and Beets

Galatopita (Traditional Baked Milk Custard Pie)

Home Made Pasta with two ingredients and NO Eggs

Sourdough bread

Milk Chocolate mousse over Lemon Verbena infused Jelly

Pumpkin Hummus

How to roast a Pumpkin and it's seeds

Vegan Soutzoukakia made with Banana Skins

Spring Flatbread with Flowers