Grated Green Almonds with Smoked Salmon liver

I haven’t a lot to say about this..

It’s not necessary anyway…

Magical recipe…


The simplest…

Wonderful though…

I would suggest that you serve the sour dough bread with a grater on the table to grate the fresh green almonds on the bread… and then sprinkle some virgin olive oil over them..

And you will entrance your guests…

I guarantee it ..


Diffuculty: 1 of 3
Duration:5 minutes
Serves:as many as you like


Warm or lightly toasted sour dough bread

Sea Salt flakes

Smoked Salmon livers from Gerontidis

Fresh Green Almonds

Top quality virgin olive oil



In the first version when we want the green almonds simply with salt like they eat them in Crete served with a little Raki, we clean them well and then dry them and serve them whole on a small plate with sea salt flakes….

In the second version we place little pieces of smoked salmon liver on the slices of bread and then grate the fresh green almonds on them and sprinkle them with top quality virgin olive oil….


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