May 08, 2019

Dirfis Mushrooms

I have known Lefteris and Thanasis since my school days. From the Horticultural college I mean…

At some point in 1998 I was working with them on a large mushroom farm in the district of Pissona in Euboia (Evia)

We worked together for 2-3 years and after that I returned to Athens.

The boys had started their families there and so they remained.

A year after I left they started their own production of oyster mushrooms nearby where we had worked.

After that we lost touch. We are friends on FB so I heard their news from time to time but in 2010 we got together again when I used their mushrooms for a cooking show in Zappeion.

Now we are all much older! They now have a wonderful shop and e-shop where you can see all the great products from mushrooms that they produce.

Basically it is their love for what they do and that has not changed since they started and I have known them since my college days.

Good luck with everything you do guys!!!!!

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