Let's Eat At Home - The Big Menu

Type:Φαγητό στο σπίτι
Location:Park Place
Duration:3 ώρες
Includes:Όλα τα φαγητά, κρασί, goody bag, συνταγές
Host:Γιάννης - Ρόμπερτ
Price: 60 ευρώ

We want to take you with us on a journey around Greece in a few hours; tasting local dishes from every corner of our country.

All of this happens in our house, in the park, on a three metre long table that comfortably seats 12 people.

And if weather permits, we will dine in the courtyard garden on a large table under the trees!

We have prepared recipes with wonderful ingredients and we have created a fantastic menu which changes according to the season.

Some of the recipes will be known to you and will bring memories from the past; others will be more experimental and they will surprise you pleasantly.

But before the food, we will start with an olive oil tasting in order for you to try the different types of Greek olive oil, to realise the differences they have according to the variety of the olives, the place of origin and when they were harvested.

Along with the tasting there will be a small “food-pairing” to show you that not all types of oil go with all types of food! Pairing olive oil correctly to food is similar to what happens with wine pairing.

The meal will follow and will consist of at least 5 courses. If you wish you can come earlier and help prepare the dishes too!

Along with each dish you will learn it’s history- where it is from, how it is prepared and what the ingredients are.

It is very interesting to have a connection to the past.

On leaving, apart from the recipes, you will receive a little basket of goods used in the recipes to enable you to cook the food at home that you have experienced.