One of my favourite plants is the Myrtle bush.

A little bush but so wonderful. Dark green, bright leaves, gorgeous white flowers and blue-black berries.

Known since the time of Noah.. as it was a branch of Myrtle that the dove brought back to the Ark to let Noah know that the water was receding after the flood.

In ancient Greece the brides wore crowns of Myrtle.

It blooms all summer..In Athens from the middle of May.

It’s berries are used in Crete and Sicily to make an alcoholic drink , the Myrto, a black tsipouro…there will be a recipe when I collect the berries..

At the moment I just enjoy the flowers and prune the top of the plant to encourage it to grow stronger.

I don’t throw the branches away. They are the best for the BBQ or under a roast leg of pork in the oven giving it a wonderful aroma.




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