When I was preparing the garden for the cabin I used to have, my good friend Andonis and I were talking about a little fence I wanted to make using a plant and I was thinking of having artichoke plants there. They have thorns, especially the wild varieties and I believed that they would be a perfect match. Also their flowers apart from the fact that we eat them, they look quite beautiful as well.
My good friend was joking and he was saying that I should also plant some lentil plants on that fence as well.. Anyway... 
In the garden here in the house I did plant a few along the fence at the back but because that part of the garden is very shady and artichoke plants need a lot of light they did not do very well there... Will plant some in the front garden that receives more light... 


If my cousin Vagelio reads this page she will be amazed. I am sure she remembers how I hated artichokes when I was a kid and my mother made me eat her bloody Artichokes ala Polita. For some reason I didn't like them at all. I think that they have a very distinct taste that was too powerful for my taste buds. But I guess it is an aquired taste and that as you grow older you get to like. Maybe it all started when I started having them raw, or maybe when my friend Hellen made a huge dinner with various dished made from artichokes.. Anyway! I really love it as a plant. 
I bought a lot of them last time I was at the farmers market and cooked them in 3 different ways. I will upload these recipes on the website in the next few days so you will see them for yourselves. 


As food they are full of antioxidants and they lower your cholesterol level and also because they help produce a lot of bile they help with your metabolism and certainly boost it so by eating artichokes you end up loosing weight.

So what else do you want? 

So prepare for nice recipes and you will certainly love them! 



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With the winter we had this year, with the rain and the cold and with everything growing rapidly and one thing or another, I haven’t done that much in the garden..

I have a lot of pruning to do, a lot of weeding and I should have done that already, but when do you get the time?….

I hope things improve this weekend as I haven’t done a good job so far this year!

At least during the recent busy period there are some plants that have woken from their winter sleep and are showing the way towards spring.

Of the two Japanese Maple Trees one of them has already sprouted the first leaves and it looks wonderful.

It needs to be pruned though, as it is too densely packed in the centre and shouldn’t be left like that.


The second Japanese Maple with the red leaves is still asleep but walking past it yesterday I saw little buds starting to appear.. I think it will start to wake up within the week.

The roses I bought from Avrami last year need hard pruning and fertiliser. And a spray with bug spray to avoid the worst. They have some flowers already which are so pretty I will wait for a few days before I prune them.


The stars of the garden this year are the Narcissi which I bought from my friend Pavlos Giannaro in Sokratous Street in Athens. I will write a separate article about Narcissi on the site when they all come into flower, but for me they are the best spring flowers of all and I really love them! Until now only two varieties have blossomed but I am expecting the rest within the week to be in bloom.

I would like to say at this point the people I refer to- I am not advertising them or their products or shops… I don’t know who has the Avrami plant nursery and I don’t really care either!

I have known Pavlos for years and I trust him implicitly about plants but generally whenever I mention places, people or products here it’s not to publicise them its because I love them and use them myself.

I hope to update you on the garden soon.


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We are very proud of the home in which most of the experiences you can have with us are organised.

It was a large store-room in my family home in New Philadelphia, a northern Athens suburb, which we converted into a working home with a large open plan kitchen, a 3 metre long, hand made oak table and a beautiful garden.

Have a look at the video below to understand the process and time it took to make our dream a reality…

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