A wonderful French way of cooking artichokes! 

Cooked two ways in France. Barigoule is a type of mushroom and so in the old days the artichokes were stuffed with mushrooms and "caped" with a piece of bacon. They were braised in olive oil and then almost fried in the olive oil left in the pot. 

The second way, the more simple way, is the one I am using. It does not have mushrooms and in general it is a simpler recipe.

In Greece we have a pretty similar recipe for artichokes in Greece called "a la polita". It has lemon and they are braised as well. 

Of course if we do not add the bacon and butter at the end it is a vegan recipe. 

So, let's see what we will need! 


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Yet one more way to cook and serve artichokes and keep them for quite some time as well. 
And in this recipe I will show you a VERY easy way to process and remove all the hair and petals from the flower... Because artichokes are flowers... :-) Do not forget... 

This is a wonderful Meze type food to share with your friends over some wine or Tsipouro and I try to make a big bunch and keep it in the fridge for months.. 

As for removing the stamen etc it is really easy.. You peel off the outer petals but keep the tender ones and also the stamen. 

You steam them.. In the water underneath the steamer you can add aromatics, herbs etc for extra punch. I used some fennel fronts and also lemon.

Let's see what we will need!  


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When I was preparing the garden for the cabin I used to have, my good friend Andonis and I were talking about a little fence I wanted to make using a plant and I was thinking of having artichoke plants there. They have thorns, especially the wild varieties and I believed that they would be a perfect match. Also their flowers apart from the fact that we eat them, they look quite beautiful as well.
My good friend was joking and he was saying that I should also plant some lentil plants on that fence as well.. Anyway... 
In the garden here in the house I did plant a few along the fence at the back but because that part of the garden is very shady and artichoke plants need a lot of light they did not do very well there... Will plant some in the front garden that receives more light... 


If my cousin Vagelio reads this page she will be amazed. I am sure she remembers how I hated artichokes when I was a kid and my mother made me eat her bloody Artichokes ala Polita. For some reason I didn't like them at all. I think that they have a very distinct taste that was too powerful for my taste buds. But I guess it is an aquired taste and that as you grow older you get to like. Maybe it all started when I started having them raw, or maybe when my friend Hellen made a huge dinner with various dished made from artichokes.. Anyway! I really love it as a plant. 
I bought a lot of them last time I was at the farmers market and cooked them in 3 different ways. I will upload these recipes on the website in the next few days so you will see them for yourselves. 


As food they are full of antioxidants and they lower your cholesterol level and also because they help produce a lot of bile they help with your metabolism and certainly boost it so by eating artichokes you end up loosing weight.

So what else do you want? 

So prepare for nice recipes and you will certainly love them! 



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